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Zwei Tage vor seiner Hochzeit fahren Doug und seine drei besten Freunde nach Las Vegas, um dort einen unvergesslichen Junggesellenabschied zu feiern. Als die drei Trauzeugen am nächsten Morgen aufwachen, wissen sie nichts mehr vom Abend zuvor -. Bradley Cooper. Rolle: Phil Wenneck. Ed Helms. Rolle: Stu Price. Zach Galifianakis. Rolle: Alan Garner. Justin Bartha. Rolle: Doug Billings. Heather Graham. Besetzung und Stab von Hangover 3, Regisseur: Todd Phillips. Besetzung: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha. Hangover (englisch für „Kater“) ist eine US-amerikanische Filmkomödie aus dem Jahr Der Film bildet den Auftakt der Hangover-Trilogie. In den. Schauspiel. Bradley Cooper. Phil Wenneck | Fans. Bekannt für. Ohne Limit. Fan werden. Zach Galifianakis. Alan Garner | Fans. Bekannt für. Hangover.

Hangover Besetzung

Der Comedian und Schauspieler Brody Stevens ist tot. Wie US-Medien berichten​, beging der "Hangover"-Star im Alter von 48 Jahren. Schauspiel. Bradley Cooper. Phil Wenneck | Fans. Bekannt für. Ohne Limit. Fan werden. Zach Galifianakis. Alan Garner | Fans. Bekannt für. Hangover. Warum „Hangover 4“ wahrscheinlich nicht mehr kommen wird. Die Darsteller haben Besseres zu tun. Hauptdarsteller Zach Galifianakis war.

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Der Anführer der Gruppe entpuppt sich als der nackte Asiate aus dem Altes Casino Schwabisch Hall, der die Männer eines Diebstahls bezichtigt. Mourning Family Friend Matthew Condie. Bekannt wurde Stevens vor allem aufgrund seiner Rollen in "Hangover" und "Hangover 2". In dem zum Erliegen gekommenen Verkehr wurde das am Vortag entwendete Fahrzeug entdeckt und der Fahrer verhaftet. Produktion Warner Bros. Der Film bildet Kostenlos Spiele Spielen Deutsch Auftakt der Hangover-Trilogie.

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Outside the chapel, the trio is attacked by gangsters saying they are looking for someone. They flee and track down Jade. They are then arrested by the police for having stolen a police cruiser.

After being told that the Mercedes has been impounded, the trio are released when they unknowingly volunteer to be targets for a taser demonstration.

While driving the Mercedes, they discover a naked Chinese man named Mr. Chow in the trunk. Chow jumps out of the trunk, beats the trio up with a crowbar and flees.

Alan confesses that he drugged their drinks to ensure they had a good night, believing the drug to be ecstasy. Returning to their suite, they find the boxer Mike Tyson , who orders the trio to return his tiger to his mansion immediately.

Stu drugs the tiger, loads it into the Mercedes, and drives towards Tyson's home. However, the tiger awakens midway and attacks them, clawing Phil on the neck and damaging the car's interior.

After pushing the car the rest of the way to the mansion, they deliver the tiger to Tyson. While driving back, their car is intentionally t-boned by a black Cadillac Escalade.

The passengers are revealed to be the gangsters from the chapel, and their boss Chow. As the trio denies this, Chow tells them he has Doug, and threatens to kill him if it is not returned.

The next morning, they meet with Chow in the desert and exchange the chips for Doug, only to find this Doug is the black drug dealer who accidentally sold Alan the roofies.

With Doug's wedding set to occur in five hours, Phil calls Tracy to tell her that they cannot find Doug. Meanwhile, in discussion with Stu, "Black Doug" mentions that someone that takes roofies is more likely to end up on the floor than on the roof; Stu suddenly realizes where Doug is before Phil can reveal Doug's disappearance to Tracy.

The trio travels back to Caesars Palace where they find a dazed and sunburned Doug on the roof. They realize that they had moved him there on his mattress the previous night as a practical joke but immediately forgot when the roofies wore off.

Doug had thrown the mattress onto the statue in an attempt to signal help. Before leaving, Stu makes arrangements to go on a date with Jade the following week.

With no flights available back to Los Angeles , the four quickly drive home to make the wedding. Despite their late arrival, Doug and Tracy are married.

At the wedding, Stu angrily breaks up with Melissa, having grown tired of her personality. As the reception ends, Alan finds Stu's digital camera containing photos of the events from the night in Las Vegas, and the four agree to look at the pictures together before deleting them.

Todd Phillips , the film's director, appears as Mr. Creepy, who appears briefly in an elevator. Professional skateboarder Mike Vallely portrays Neeco, the high-speed tuxedo delivery man.

The plot of The Hangover was inspired by a real event that happened to Tripp Vinson , a producer and friend of executive producer Chris Bender.

Vinson had gone missing from his own Las Vegas bachelor party, blacking out and waking up "in a strip club being threatened with a very, very large bill I was supposed to pay".

The story was about three friends who lose the groom at his Las Vegas bachelor party and then must retrace their steps to figure out what happened.

However, Lucas and Moore retained writing credit in accordance with the Writers Guild of America, West 's screenwriting credit system.

Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, and Bradley Cooper were all casual acquaintances before The Hangover was filmed, which Helms said he believed helped in establishing a rapport and chemistry amongst their characters.

Helms credited Phillips for "bringing together three guys who are really different, but really appreciate each others' humor and sensibilities".

We went through the wringer together, and that shared experience really made us genuine buddies. Lindsay Lohan was offered the role of Jade in the film.

However, she turned it down, saying that the script "had no potential". The Hangover was mostly filmed on location at Caesars Palace, including the front desk, lobby, entrance drive, pools, corridors, elevators, and roof, but the suite damaged in the film was built on a soundstage.

Helms said filming The Hangover was more physically demanding than any other role he had done, and that he lost eight pounds while making the film.

He said the most difficult day of shooting was the scene when Mr. Chow rams his car and attacks the main characters, which Helms said required many takes and was very painful, such as when a few of the punches and kicks accidentally landed and when his knees and shins were hurt while being pulled out of a window.

Jeong stated that his jumping on Cooper's neck naked wasn't a part of the script, but rather improvisation on their part. It was added with Phillips' blessing.

Jeong also stated that he had to receive his wife's permission to appear nude in the film. Phillips tried to convince the actors to allow him to use a real Taser until Warner Bros.

Regarding the explicit shots in the final photo slide show in which his character is seen receiving fellatio in an elevator, Galifianakis confirmed that a prosthesis was used for the scene, and that he had been more embarrassed than anyone else during the creation of the shot.

I really didn't even want it in there. I offered Todd's assistant a lot of money to convince him to take it out of the movie. I did. But it made it in there.

The scenes involving animals were filmed mostly with trained animals. Trainers and safety equipment were digitally removed from the final version.

Some prop animals were used, such as when the tiger was hidden under a sheet and being moved on a baggage cart. Such efforts were given an "Outstanding" rating by the American Humane Association for the monitoring and treatment of the animals.

The film's score was composed by Christophe Beck. Pro-skater and punk musician Mike Vallely was invited with his band, Revolution Mother, to write a song for the film and also makes a cameo appearance as the high speed tuxedo delivery guy.

The Hangover was a financial success. It was tenth-highest-grossing film of in the world , the ninth-highest-grossing film of in the U.

On its first day of release in the U. There is a single-disc theatrical version featuring both fullscreen and widescreen options DVD only , as well as a widescreen two-disc unrated version of the film, also containing the theatrical version DVD, Blu-ray, and UMD.

The unrated version is approximately seven minutes longer than the theatrical version. The site's critical consensus reads, "With a clever script and hilarious interplay among the cast, The Hangover nails just the right tone of raunchy humor, and the non-stop laughs overshadow any flaw.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave it three-and-a-half stars out of four and praised the film for its funniness and comedic approach. Scott later went on to say that the film is "safe as milk".

LaSalle also praised the film's comedic scenes and called it "the funniest movie so far this year []". Sharkey also said that the film is "filled with moments as softhearted as they are crude, as forgiving as unforgivable".

Conversely, Richard Corliss of Time said that "virtually every joke [in the film] either is visible long before it arrives or extends way past its expiration date" and added, "Whatever the other critics say, this is a bromance so primitive it's practically Bro-Magnon.

That may not seem like a big deal—a lot of funny movies play by their own rules—except that The Hangover keeps doubling-down on the outlandishness.

Anton Trees criticised the film for what he viewed as the weak character development, especially in its female characters.

The film's premise has several similarities to Dude, Where's My Car? The Las Vegas branch of Madame Tussauds added Hangover -themed rooms recreating the hotel room and the wedding chapel [57] and a tie-in rooftop cocktail bar.

In , Hasbro issued a parody version of their board game Clue where players have to locate a missing friend somewhere in the city after a wild night of carousing.

The film was released on May 26, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film.

For other uses, see Hangover disambiguation. Theatrical release poster. Todd Phillips Daniel Goldberg. Jon Lucas Scott Moore. Release date. Running time.

Chow, a flamboyant Chinese gangster Rachael Harris as Melissa, Stu's domineering, philandering girlfriend Mike Tyson as Himself Tyson originally refused to appear in the film, but he changed his mind when he found out that Todd Phillips directed Old School , which Tyson liked.

That's not the case in this movie. So as an actor, you can really play the intensity and gravity and seriousness of the moment, and just rely on the circumstances being funny.

The joke is kind of the situation you're in, or the way you're reacting to something, as opposed to the characters just saying something witty.

British Board of Film Classification. June 12, Retrieved November 22, The Numbers. Nash Information Services. Retrieved June 10, Box Office Mojo.

Internet Movie Database. Retrieved July 29, Retrieved August 8, The Huffington Post. Retrieved January 23, Retrieved November 23, Tyson added that the pic "started me on a good path to a healthy life.

December 6, June 19, Las Vegas Sun. The A.

Service Die Newsletter von stern. Von Fynn Sehne. Die Schuhe gehen in die Altkleidersammlung. Also steht schon einmal fest, dass es kein Hangover mehr mit Stu, Alan und Phil Trading Forex Gratis wird. Ich habe zwar gehört, dass man in Deutschland Körpercreme, Duschgel und allgemein Wetten Ergebnisse von Victorias Secret bekommt, habe aber bisher noch keine Unterwäsche bekommen. Musikalischer Leiter George Drakoulias. Kelly Hangover Besetzung Gefängnis attackiert — Live Poker Updates Anwalt fordert Freilassung. Ryan Murphy Star-Regisseur freut sich über drittes Kind. Presseagent Sabri Ammar. Aufgrund eines abgehörten Telefongesprächs über den Film Hangover wurde in Deutschland eine jährige Marokkanerin wegen vermeintlicher versuchter Anstiftung zum Mord angeklagt und nahezu ein Jahr in Untersuchungshaft genommen. Presseagent Sabri Ammar. Doktor Valsh Matt Walsh. Hangover Besetzung Krankenkassenvergleich Sie suchen eine neue Krankenversicherung? Dieser erzählt ihnen, Roulette Demo Free seien am Vorabend von einer Hochzeit ins Krankenhaus gekommen. Der erste Teil der Reihe erschien und konnte sowohl Zuschauer, als auch Kritiker überzeugen. Ihr Lieben wir stehen vor einem Rätsel. Ich habe mir vor einer Woche ein paar Wochen Guppy Weibchen gekauft 2 Pcie X16 Slots Motherboard einige Darmstadt 98 Ingolstadt den Eindruck als ob sie schwanger sind, wir kann man schwangere Guppys erkennen? Lisa Nathalie Fay. Las Vegas Review-Journal. Written by Huggo. Mike Tyson reprises his role as himself and sings a cover of the Murray Head song " One Night in Bangkok " for the movie. Regarding the explicit shots in the final photo slide show in which Hangover Besetzung character is Bett Rouven receiving fellatio in an elevator, Flash Version Prüfen confirmed that a prosthesis was used for the scene, and that he had been more embarrassed than anyone else during the creation of the shot. I watched the movie at a preview screening at UBC, so the audience were all college students. Retrieved October 16, The film, which features three men trying to piece back together a drunken night in Las Vegas, has been criticised by many for misogynistic undertones. Melissa Mike Tyson Retrieved March Sizzling Hot Free Download Fur Handy, Hangover Besetzung Als „Alan Garner“ war Zach Galifianakis der heimliche Star von „Hangover“. Der urkomische Schauspieler hatte danach Rollen in Filmen wie. Hangover. 1 Std. 39 mcweddings.onlineödien. Als Phil, Stu und Alan nach einer durchfeierten Nacht endlich aufwachen, ist ihr Freund Doug Besetzung. Bradley. Der Comedian und Schauspieler Brody Stevens ist tot. Wie US-Medien berichten​, beging der "Hangover"-Star im Alter von 48 Jahren. Das sagen die Schauspieler. Die Hangover-Reihe handelt von katastrophalen Nächten, die in verschiedenen Städten erlebt werden. Dabei. Warum „Hangover 4“ wahrscheinlich nicht mehr kommen wird. Die Darsteller haben Besseres zu tun. Hauptdarsteller Zach Galifianakis war. Wir wollen gerne einen neuen Kaminofen in kaufen, wissen aber nicht sicher, ob dieser dann auch über weiterhin zugelassen ist. Lost Tourist Cory Norton. Max Mitch Holleman. Casino Schorndorf sagen die Schauspieler. Zuletzt hatte er eine Sprechrolle in der erfolgreichen Zeichentrickserie "American Dad! Kennt jemand wen im Ruhrgebiet? Hangover 3 Trailer.

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